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    Anonymous said: I guess you've abandon this story... such a shame I liked it, it's like fifth time or so that I read it :)

    Aww! You’re so kind! I actually have a draft needing to be finished. Maybe I’ll get around to posting it.

  2. Chapter Fourteen: Thoughts That Plague

    The next three days Nora spent behind that thick glass in the large leather swiveling chair. She hadn’t expected her time in the UK to be spent this way. It didn’t bug her, she mentally took notes on what the guys next to her did as they turned knobs and raised little bars. Nora was always fascinated with music and to be here so submerged in it was overwhelming. It was time for a break and everyone gathered outside the small studio, the sun was beginning to set. A couple of the guys walked down the street to a pub and Adam and the drummer, Paul claimed they weren’t very hungry so they volunteered to stay and review some of the recordings.
    It had just been Nora and Theo standing outside. “Are you hungry?”, Theo asked. “Very much. I’m kinda always hungry.” Nora put her face in her hands as her cheeks turned a light pink. Theo laughed and grabbed one of Nora’s hands. “Good, me too.” The couple walked a while and found themselves a cafe, a cafe Theo knew well. “So what do you think?” “About your music?” Theo nodded. “Honestly, I’m in love with it. Maybe too far in love.” Theo laughed quietly, “Really? Hm.” “I actually bought your whole album while you were away. I listened to it everyday.” So much for keeping that a secret Nora’s conscience spoke. Before Theo could say anything, Nora quickly added, “I’m sorry! Ah! I’m so weird. It’s just you, urm, I should stop.” Nora retreated within herself. She didn’t even know why she was babbling. Maybe she’s been sitting down too long? Or maybe seeing Theo in his own element made her feel like she had just met him? It was all odd to her. Nora constantly felt like she had known Theo for a long time but after seeing him with that mic, singing it was like she had seen a whole new side of him. She didn’t know it was possible for a man to be so deep, Theo was an ocean, a dark, mysterious, ocean and she was getting pulled right out to sea.
    Theo smiled at the frazzled girl across the table from him. “You blush so easily Nora.” Theo saying this only made Nora blush more, her cheeks were hot. Theo reached for Nora’s hand and held it on top of the table. “I don’t think any of the girls I dated ever cared for my music. None of them seemed very interested.” The girls he dated. Oh no! Nora’s mind filled up with images of The beautiful women that dated Theo. she had nothing on them. Nora bit her lip as anxiety began to take over her body. But before Theo could ask Nora something, a pale black haired girl tapped Theo on the shoulder, she was accompanied by a pale red head. “Theo?” The two girls giggled as Theo turned around to greet them. “Oh!” He got up, put out his hand to each of them asking for their names, and put his around around them for a photo. The red headed girl’s smile went perfectly across her face as she attacked Theo with a hug.
    Nora hadn’t experienced this before and sat quietly at the table. The two girls gave her a look before saying their goodbyes to Theo. Theo finally took his seat. A bit exhausted, he let out a sigh. “Wow. I never knew how popular you were…” “Yeah, me neither! Sometimes I don’t know what to do. I get these crying fans every now and then and I handle it so poorly.” “Aw! I’ve been in their place before. Fangirling is a powerful thing.” Theo chuckled as he imagined a young outrageous obsessed Nora.
    The two polished off their food and headed back to the studio. It was a short evening at the studio but it was clear all the guys were exhausted. “Until Monday” Paul said as he hugged Nora goodbye. Nora really hit it off with Paul. There was something about him that was really appealing and the way he played those drums were something else. Nora had to call Trish! She was sure with the mere description of Paul Trish would be there in a second. Nora laughed to herself but then it struck her suddenly that it would already be a week in a couple days! Was Theo wanting her here this long?
    Her and Theo had arrived to their flat and Nora still had a worried look on her face. “Pige? Are you okay?”, Theo asked sincerely lifting Nora chin up.”Yes, very much!” “Good”, Theo pecked her cheek. 

    They were in bed, Nora’s hips tightly against Theo’s. He thought she was asleep, she thought he was asleep, but the both were wide awake. They were plagued by the things they never said. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, they did, they just didn’t know how express this without being looked at weirdly. Theo closed his eyes tightly, praying it may come to him in his sleep the perfect way to propose. Nora turned and buried her head into Theo’s chest and drifted off to sleep. Maybe it’ll go away. 

  3. An unfinished chapter sits in my drafts. I think it’s time to finish it up and post it. What do you all think?

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    ——-SHOWER SCENE————


    Look After You - The Fray

    It’s always have and never hold
    You’ve begun to feel like home
    What’s mine is yours to leave or take
    What’s mine is yours to make your own

  8. Chapter Thirteen: I’ll Look After You

    Theo jolted up and looked around the living room with foggy eyes. He couldn’t believe he fell asleep on the couch, the noodles and wine must’ve really knocked him out. Theo looked down at his lap and found Nora resting there still. He brushed her hair away from her face and rested his head back on the couch. They’d have to get ready soon, Adam was probably already at the studio too. Theo was aware he was always a bit late, fashionably late. He fixed himself on the couch carefully. He ran his hand over Nora’s long dark hair and whispered, “My lady” in attempt to wake her up. Nora let out a quiet groan and covered her face with her hands. “We fell asleep on the couch Nora, not too comfortably I might add.” Theo sat himself up straight and stretched his arms over his head. “We’re never having noodles and wine together again”, Nora said in a groggy voice. Theo chuckled and rubbed his eyes. Nora finally found some strength, lifted herself up from Theo’s lap, and stretched of her back like a cat. Theo looked at her thoughtfully, she was perfect.

    "We should be out of here in an hour or two" Theo informed Nora as he got up from the sofa and stretched his arms over his head once more. "ERRRRRAHHHHH, let’s go" Nora fell face forward into a couch cushion and sprawled herself out. "I don’t want to get up", Nora whined. "Then don’t, I’m just going to shower and get ready without you", Theo said with a cruel smile on his face as he looked down at Nora. "How dare you! How dare you try to get me up with the thought of you showering alone. You’re awful!" Nora cried out, to Theo who was already heading to the bathroom. "Well is it working?", Theo said loudly, echoing through the flat. "Yes, and here I am standing when I should be sleeping soundly in your fine Egyptian cotton sheets", Nora shuffled into Theo’s room pulling out clothes for the day. Her hair was a mess and she still had her clothes from yesterday on. "Shower or bed, your decision." Theo was now in the bathroom pulling off his clothes. "Shower." "Well then get your ass over here!" Theo turned on the water which was now so hot it began to fog up the room. Nora briskly walked in, shut the door behind her and began to strip off her clothes. It was so normal-feeling, the couple just taking their clothes off gradually in front of each other as the shower ran. They stood there, staring at one another, completely naked. Nora had seen Theo nude before but this was too magnificent. The black tile complimented his tan skin and defined the edges of his body. Nora tried to take a mental photo but she was just too far into the moment. Theo motioned he head toward the shower and Nora followed Theo into it.

    The water was hot but so soothing, it woke Nora up. Nora leaned back on the tile watching Theo wet his hair, he ran his hands over it with his mouth open and eyes shut. She had never seen his hair wet, it was funny to see him in a different light. There wasn’t a single thing that wasn’t sexy about him and the way the water ran down his body was knee weakening. Theo reached out to Nora and pulled her under the water with him. He planted kisses from her chin down to her chest, sending goosebumps throughout Nora’s entire body. Theo began to suck on her collarbone as he simultaneously squeezed her butt with both his hands, which brought her even closer to him. It was purely skin on skin, and Nora couldn’t keep her hands still. She ran them all over Theo’s wet skin, down his back, up his sides, around his neck, along his jaw and finally on his cock. She held his length in her hand as if it were a treasure. Theo took Nora’s face in his hands and kissed her hard. Nora parted her lips to make way for Theo’s slick tongue which now began to flick around hers, fighting in her mouth and then in his. Theo moaned into Nora’s mouth begging her hands to keep up with their dirty deed. “Can we just-” Theo said slightly out of breath. Nora replied with an eager “Yes”. The hot water was still beating on their bare skin as Theo pushed Nora against the black tile and thrusted himself into her from behind. Nora screamed out. Why did this feel so much better than any other time? “Shh” Theo whispered into Nora ear and he beated himself into her. He flipped his damp hair back before pulling Nora’s hips closer into his. Nora found enough breath in herself to let out an “Oh my god”. The tip of Theo’s cock had been hitting Nora’s clit perfectly, Theo could feel her body begin to tighten against his. “Stay with me, not yet” Theo commanded to the now quivering Nora. She moaned into the cold tile she was pushed so hard against. Theo rapidly slid himself in and out of Nora’s wet cunt and finally wrapped his arms around her before letting himself pour into her. Theo’s groan echoed throughout the large bathroom. He squeezed her tightly against him and covered her shoulders and neck in kisses. Nora leaned back onto him and reached her arm up, placing her hand lovingly on his strong neck. “I think your water bills gonna be up.” Nora laughed, exhausted. Theo laughed with her, “I guess so”.

    He kissed her once more before reaching for the shampoo, squirting it in Nora’s hand and then into his. The two began to bathe each other. Nora never had a boyfriend like this. None of the guys she had even dated took the liberty to wash her themselves. Theo scrubbed and rinsed Nora’s long hair under the hot water and she felt herself hoping it would always be like this. She wanted to spend the rest of her life looking after him and him looking after her, taking care of each other. She knew in the end that Theo wasn’t just some hit it and quit kind of guy. She felt it in the way he touched her, the way he looked into her eyes, in the weight of his words. Theo now took the soapy loofah in his hand and began to scrub Nora’s soft body. She looked down at him compassionately, appreciatively and left a hand on his shoulder and he bent down and covered all her bits in suds. Theo pecked Nora’s body as he rinsed everything off. "He’s too good to me", Nora thought. Nora stopped Theo for a second. “Something wrong pigeon?” Theo asked. Nora shook her head and wrapped her arms around him. Theo embraced her back wondering what exactly what was going on. “I love you okay?” Theo kissed Nora’s wet hair under the running water. “I love you too.” They stood there in the shower for a while in each other’s arms. “We’ve got to get going okay? How about you start getting ready while I finish up?” Nora nodded and pecked Theo’s arm before getting out and wrapping herself up in a towel. 

    "Here you can have it", Theo said handing Nora his unfinished banana. "So kind", Nora said sarcastically looking at the tiny piece of banana in its peel. Theo laughed at Nora and Nora nudged him into the backseat door. Theo grabbed Nora’s hand at the back of the cab taking them to the studio.

    "Don’t mind us, we just love sitting around and waiting for you Theo" Adam said. "Better late than never!" Theo said guiding Nora to a seat in front of the large arrangement of buttons, knobs and cords. "I think I’m too excited for this", Nora said excitedly situating herself in the big leather swiveling chair. Theo laughed and gave her a peck on the cheek. "I’m excited too". It had been almost four years since he was in a recording studio, he couldn’t contain himself. Nora watched Theo and Adam and a man unfamiliar to her on the drums. Nora had a good amount of knowledge about music and she knew this process would be very time consuming. She sat there smiling, how she even managed to get here she did not know. Nora admired Theo through the thick glass, he sang with so much emotion. He hit his notes every time, it was miraculous that such a beautiful sound could come from a man that was so dear to her. She found herself swaying back and forth to the one song they had done well over thirty takes now. She could listen to Theo sing forever, she could listen to Adam on that synth forever, she could listen to Paul beat on those drums forever. And even though the song wasn’t nearly finished it was already her favourite.

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